Easy Spanish Phrases for Victoria Court Apartments Guests

Welcome to our quick guide of easy Spanish phrases.

There are many local Spanish restaurants and bars in addition to the English speaking venues and we do of course recommend that you support your local hosts during your stay.

One action will set you apart from other guests is the use of basic Spanish – all local residents (even though the majority speak English) will love the fact that you may not get the language right but at least you tried!

Spanish Language for Victoria Court guests Los Cristianos
Basic Spanish Phrases
English Translation
Hola - Buenos Dias
Hello Good Morning
Buenos Tardes / Buenos Noche
Good Afternoon / Evening / Night
Como esta?
How are you?
Muy Bien
Very Well / Good
Excuse Me
Habla Ingles?
Do you speak English?
Lo Siento
I'm sorry
No Entinendo
I don't understand
For Favour / Gracias
Please / Thank You
Si / No
Yes / No
Donde Esta......
Where is .....
Aqui / Ahi
Here / There
Derecho / Izquierda
Right / Left
I'd Like
Have you got.......?
Farmacia / Medico
Pharmacy / Doctor
Una / Dos / Tres
One / Two / Three
Cuatro / Cinco
Four / Five
De Nada
Your Welcome
Vino Blanco / Tinto
White / Red Wine